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The Institute

The Institute of International, European and Defense Analyses acts as the Think Tank of the International and European Studies Department at the University of Macedonia. Its mission is to carry out multifaceted study and produce high quality research on the areas of the International Relations Theory, the European Integration and the Defence Studies, as well as to enhance public understanding of international relations, the EU and other international phenomena.

For this purpose, the Institute organizes conferences and seminars, debates and lectures, publishes analyses and studies, undertakes research projects funded by the EU or other sources.

The Institute follows an interdisciplinary approach to issues related to international relations, foreign policy and the strategy of Greece, the Mediterranean and South East Europe, the future of the European Integration and related current theoretical issues. It is supported by the members of the teaching and research staff of the International and European Studies Department, Phd students, university fellows. Professor of International Relations Ilias Kouskouvelis serves as its director.

The Institute evolved from the Laboratory for the Study and Research of International Relations and European Integration, which during  the five years of its operation has hosted distinguished scientists, such as late Kenneth Waltz,  the father of structural Realism, Professor John Mearsheimer, NYU Provost Katherine Fleming, as well as other distinguished academics from the US and the UΚ, France, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, a number of  diplomats from European, Asian and African States and numerous officers of the European Union. It has contributed to the study and research on current International Relations and European Integration issues through organizing workshops, conferences, publications and summer schools. Furthermore, the Lab has implemented a Jean Monnet Project concerning new challenges and dynamics in European Integration (2013) and it is under its auspices that the Jean Monnet Center for Excellence is operating  (2015-2018). To achieve its objectives, the institute has worked with the European Union institutions, the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Education-Culture, Embassies, Consulates and Foreign Cultural Institutes, etc. The laboratory has placed particular emphasis on informing the general public about issues concerning the Greek foreign policy and the course of the European integration.


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